About Roof Guard Roofing, Roof Painting and Roof Restorations – Brisbane

When you obtain an obligation free quote from Brisbane Roof Guard you can be sure that you will be dealing with an experienced and fully quaified tradesman, not a salesman with sales gimmicks.

With over 20 years experience in the roof restoration industry you can be sure that when having your work completed by Roof Guard that you will end up with a roof that will not only look great but function the way it was meant to. We have set the bar in the roof restoration industry.

We wont make false promises to try and win a job, we will be completely honest and give you the client all the information that we can to help you make the right decision in having your roof restored.

Our prices are set to the Industry standard, we will not inflate prices on your roof and then offer you massive reductions in trying to win the job.

Why Choose RoofGuard.com.au Brisbane

RoofGuard.com.au Roofing understand the importance of obtaining quotations when planning on spending your hard earned money. We also understand that you will be hit with a barrage of information which in some cases can become very confusing. Therefore we have decided to put together a number of questions and answers that we feel is important in helping you make that final decision:

9 Important Questions to Ask Before You Own Your Roof Restoration Service:

  1. Who is the manufacturer of the coating?
  2. Does the manufacturer supply a written Guarantee?
  3. Is the company you choose to do the work fully licensed and insured?
  4. Is satisfaction guaranteed?
  5. Is flexible Pointing used to ensure ridge security?
  6. Is it a free quote?
  7. Do you intend to live in your home for the next 5 – 10 years?
  8. Does the company adhere to OHS regulations?
  9. Is the business owner operated and how long has the company been in business?

9 Good Reasons to Choose RoofGuard.com.au:

  1. All coatings are manufactured by Dulux and Robertsons
  2. We only use Dulux Acra-Tex and Robertsons Tilemaster which both come with a 10 Year Written Guarantee
  3. RoofGuard.com.au Services have Public Liability. Workers Comp and Income Protection Insurances. A copy of Public Liability can be provided
  4. We Guarantee satisfaction.
  5. A flexible pointing is used on all ridges
  6. Roof Guard only charge for the job, there are no hidden commissions for sales fees.
  7. If planning on staying in your house for the next 5 years, go for quality and safety in a product and a guarantee you can depend on
  8. RoofGuard.com.au follow strict guidelines set out by work cover, the use of Fall Arrest Harnesses are used on all jobs, with the use of either temporary work cover approved anchor points or permanent anchor points. On certain jobs the use of roof rails are installed.
  9. Yes – Joseph Smith is the owner of RoofGuard and has been restoring roofs across Australia now for over 30 years.  In that time he has completed 1000′s of Roof Restorations. Roof Guard specialize in  the domestic and commercial field.