Roof Restorations – 7 Steps to a Better Looking Home

At Roof Guard, the reason we’re able to offer you a 10 year guarantee is because no shortcuts are taken during our roof restoration process – following is our 7-step system with a brief description of each step:

1. High pressure cleaning

Roof Guard do not use any chemicals for the cleaning of Cement Tiles.

Where necessary during the cleaning of roofs, down pipes are disconnected to comply with some council regulations

2. Rebedding of Ridges

Ridges are re-bedded where necessary.

We remove the ridge capping and using a bedding frame align the bedding mix along the guided railing to ensure the same height of the ridges and also ensures that the ridge capping is on nice and straight.

3. Roof Repointed in Flexipoint

Ridge Caps are all Re-Bedded where necessary, and Re-pointed with Flexi Point to ensure Ridge Security.

Flexi Point is a flexible compound that will withstand construction movement and prevent cracking unlike sand and cement mixes.

4. Repointing Of Ridge Caps – New Roof System

The NEW ROOF SYSTEM simply means that re-pointing is completed after the roof is coated and a colour match flexible pointing is used, leaving a new roof look.

5. Prep Kleen Applied to Roof

Prep Kleen: Is applied after pressure cleaning. Particular attention is paid to the lip of the tile, as this area is not washed by rain and is a collection of debris. Prep Kleen is a low toxicity bacterial fungal and algae wash.

Prep Kleen is formulated to treat fungal spore before over coating. It will kill the spores so no growth will grow through the coatings after application.

6. Roof Sealer – 501/4

Roof Sealer: Is a product that is formulated to consolidate and encapsulate the surface layer of the tile(s), as well as aid inter-coat adhesion with 962 Roof Membrane. A solvent based material it has the ability to act as a penetrating sealer, which in cases where the tile is heavily oxidizing will allow for maximum adhesion for top coatings.

Put simply, being solvent based it will penetrate the tile, and seal it completely unlike other products that use water based sealers that will only sit on top of the tile and not completely seal it.

7. Roof Coating – Dulux 962 Roof Membrane

Dulux 962 Roof Membrane is applied as a 2 coat application creating a thick glossy protective membrane; the coating is glossy to duplicate the look of a new roof.

Dulux 962 is formulated with only the premium quality resins, ensuring that the roof over your head will be protected from the elements for years to come.